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Louis Bean

Amsterdam based music duo

With a small homemade studio, we were able to record voices, play around with samples and experiment with the piano and synthesizers. That’s how we ended up creating beats and writing lyrics every time we chill. 

After a while, we noticed that we got better in telling a story and adapting the production we create. Ran’s voice volume is pretty low when we record, also because of his laidback flow.

We invested some time to pump up his voice without losing quality or balance. Creating drum racks and mixing improves every time we jam. Armed with a notebook and a pen, we start writing the most random stuff. Louis Bean is an outcome of that. It reflects the music we create; random, easy going and to the point.

Our workflow is different every time. Sometimes we start with sample, sometimes with a melody or a beat. If we digg the overall vibe, we start writing. Every time we have an outcome. Sometimes it’s nice, sometimes it’s nothing, but we love doing it.

Have a listen at our Soundcloud or follow us on Instagram if you like what we’re doing.

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