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CROPS and cozycoconuts is proud to present a natural cosmetics workshop if you are hungry to learn more about natural body care products in a simple way. 

You know that feeling when you are using a really nicely smelling body product and this thought crosses your mind, “It smells sooo good I could eat it”? Here’s something for you—with natural cosmetics you can have it! 

Besides the widely-known benefit of being environment-friendly, making your own cosmetics can also be a creative and playful process. Learning about the ingredients that can be used for natural cosmetics gives you a chance to come up with your own recipes and have fun with it. As a result, you have a product that is customized, pure, and even budget-friendly!

In the workshop we are going to talk about the basics that will help you pick the right ingredients, take a closer look at essential oils to see how they can enrich your body and your mind, and finally you are going to make your own deodorant and body scrub to take home with you. 

We are going to use coconut cream which is to moisten and detox your skin, a variety of natural oils to rejuvenate skin's elasticity and keep it radiant, and essential oils to boost your immune system, uplift your spirit, and keep the levels of your energy up! All the ingredients are natural and organic, and will be provided by us at the event.

You might enjoy the simplicity and personal touch of making natural cosmetics so much that next thing you know, along Sunday pancakes, you’ll be cooking body care products.

cozycoconuts is a natural cosmetics and handmade accessories line run by Inga. When she is free from cooking the magic potions, Inga finds pleasure in making accessories from polymer clay, so you will also have a chance to see and buy a unique piece at the workshop on Sunday 25th of November. 

Tickets at door: 20€ (cash only)


- all ingredients and packaging 

- two recipes (that you can take home)

- wine, hot tea and snacks


15:00 - doors open + hot tea

16:00 - first recipe session (natural deodorant)

17:00 - second recipe session (natural scrub)

18:00 - snacks, talks and wine


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